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Aimee de Ney- Bird Song       Eowyn Smith- Little Nestlings      Teva Grudin- The Warblers
A graduate of The Evergreen State College, Sound Circle Waldorf Teacher Training in Seattle, and Juniper Tree School of Puppetry Arts,  Aimee has been teaching kindergarten in Waldorf schools in Olympia and Seattle since 2001.  Aimee is also the founder and director of Swallow Circle Summer Camp in Olympia, WA. She received her Masters in Education from Antioch University in 2017.
Tuition Rates consist of 10 monthly payments of:

Bird Song Mixed-age kindergarten
3 days a week- $425
4 days a week- $510
5 days a week- $590
A $400 supply fee is due in July.

Parent/Child Classes:
6 week sessions
$185 per session or all five
sessions for $855
About Bird Song Children's Garden
At Bird Song Children's Garden we provide Olympia's young children with a nurturing in-home atmosphere of love, joy and wonder each day in order to offer them the opportunity to embrace life, learning and community with enthusiasm. 

 This is accomplished through:
-predictable daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms
-abundant outdoor play in all manner of weather
-neighborhood exploration and participation
-gardening and harvest preparations
-daily indoor dramatic playtime
-creative conflict resolution
-oral storytelling
-seasonal songs and movement circles
-cooking of organic, healthy meals
-seasonal community festivals
-time. . .

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Bird Song Children’s Garden is committed to providing the children of Olympia with a solid foundation for life-long learning and passion in life through healthy rhythms, exploration of their environment and consistent, loving guidance.
​An organic farmer, homesteading mother of two, and student of the young child, Ms. Eowyn has been a part of Bird Song since its founding. She worked at the Blue Sky Waldorf Kindergarten in Boulder for several years, and at the Olympia Waldorf School when she relocated to Olympia in 2011.
Teva is a Waldorf alumna whose parents were deeply involved in Waldorf education throughout her childhood. Teva is a mother of two and has worked with children in various capacities including outdoor education and as a singing teacher. She studied organic agriculture at The Evergreen State College, and now, with her partner, operates Calliope Farm.